USA, February 2002: My first (road) trip to the USA.

In February 2002, Doug Burbank at University of California Santa Barbara organised a “Marsyandi Project” meeting for the researchers involved in the Nepal-focused project. My PhD project on pebble abrasion along the Marsyandi River was part of it, and my supervisor Jerome Lavé said I should go. I did not object. The meeting was veryContinue reading “USA, February 2002: My first (road) trip to the USA.”

Philippines 2019 – A taste of Filipino cuisine

One of the highlights of visiting the Philippines is the food. Filipino cuisine is mostly unknown in Europe: when is the last time you saw a Filipino restaurant? It is not Thai, it is not Chinese or Indian, it is not Japanese. It mixes a range of influences (including Mexican and Spanish) into something unique,Continue reading “Philippines 2019 – A taste of Filipino cuisine”

Philippines 2019 – Boracay Island

After what happened in Manila, my friends wanted to show me a different side of the Philippines. They therefore took me to Boracay, which is a tiny island (7 km long) featuring one of the most idyllic-looking beaches in the world. The island is one of the Philippines’ top attraction. Unfortunately, it is also victimContinue reading “Philippines 2019 – Boracay Island”

Philippines 2019 – mishap in Manila

I am in the Philippines for one and a half months, taking advantage of a break from teaching to try to develop projects with colleagues at the University in Quezon City, on the outskirts of Manila. Last week, I was the victim of a “tourist trap” while I visited Manila. It cost me quite aContinue reading “Philippines 2019 – mishap in Manila”

Mikael Attal, Geomorphologist at the University of Edinburgh, UK

I am a Senior Lecturer in Geomorphology at the University of Edinburgh. I study the shape of landscapes, rivers and sediment, and I travel to places that have interesting problems to solve, both for teaching and research. In particular, I work in tectonically active areas, which are typically areas with big mountains and steep andContinue reading “Mikael Attal, Geomorphologist at the University of Edinburgh, UK”

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